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Welcome to the online home of Hawai'i's only craft rum distillery, located on the slopes of Haleakala volcano, Maui.  

Haleakala Distillers is the sole source for authentic made-on-Maui spirits, including our Braddah Kimo's rums and     MAUI 'OKOLEHAO LIQUEUR   !!!!!

You can now enjoy our Maui Dark and Maui Gold Rums in the most delicious rumcakes ever made!  Go to Kona Gold Rum Co. and get some on the way from their website (CLICK HERE).  We have been eating these cakes for some months now, and aside from the minor weight gain, we have found them superior in every way to the ones we used to make in our own kitchen for our relatives' Christmas presents.  This year they are getting Kona Gold.

It is easy to get our products on most Hawaiian islands.  Just go to the left side of this page and click on "Buy in Hawaii" and you will see a list of islands just below.  Click on the island of your choice and see all the retailers selling our products, as well as bars, hotels and restaurants serving our products.  If you are unsure about where to dine on a particular island, be advised that the establishments serving our products are all excellent choices, taking great care in the spirits they serve and the food they prepare.  On the main "Buy in Hawai'i" page are special announcements and information about taking locally purchased spirits on the airlines to the mainland and other countries.

We hope you have the opportunity to try our hand-crafted rums and 'Okolehao.  If you want to purchase them in Hawaii, just visit any listed retailer.  The 80 proof rums and the 'Okolehao are all permitted in your CHECKED luggage to any destination worldwide.  They make great gifts to take back to thirsty friends on the mainland.  Great for a luau party too.  You can take any number of bottles you choose.  They all have special heavy-duty closures so they won't open enroute.

If you want to buy some and are not lucky enough to be in Hawai'i, you can still order online and have delivery right to your doorstep in most US states and some foreign countries.  Click here:    The Plantation Store

Please enjoy our products in moderation with aloha!